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8 Tips for Healthy Eyes

By | May 7, 2018

Eyes are important part of your health. There are many things you can do to keep them healthy and make sure you are seeing your best. Check out the below Infographic and Follow these simple steps for maintaining healthy eyes.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Eye Drops

By | May 2, 2018

Eуе drops аrе a vеrу соmmоn wау tо administer mеdісаtіоn – either рrеvеntіvе оr fоr direct trеаtmеnt рurроѕеѕ. You may have found уоurѕеlf wоndеrіng аbоut thе роtеntіаl uрѕ аnd dоwnѕ оf bеіng gіvеn еуе drорѕ. On the оnе hand, thеу ѕееm to bе a vеrу convenient аnd functional wау of taking medication. But, there hаvе… Read More »

Best Eye Care Tips During Summer

By | April 24, 2018

During summer, the sun will be at its greatest stage and days are longer than any other time during the year. The high exposure to the sun is potentially dangerous to the skin and also to the eyes. Summer is time for you to have fun, though, not to sit idle at home. Thus, you’ll… Read More »

Best Make Up tips to Suit Your Eyeglasses

By | August 31, 2017

Do you wear Glasses…? Wearing glasses do not only change the perception of people for you, but it also alters the way of your thinking about yourself and how you introduce yourself to the world. 43% of the general population think glasses influence a man to look sharper. 36% think glasses influence a man to… Read More »

Best Ways to Clean your Eyeglasses

By | July 10, 2017

Do you wear glasses? If you do, you would know the importance of cleaning it regularly because your eyes are delicate and if your glasses are not clean, it can prove to be harmful for your eyes. The eyeglasses are prone to get soiled by fingerprints, spots and dust. When you buy eyeglasses, the shopkeeper… Read More »