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What Are The Causes For Dry Eyes?

By | May 26, 2017

What do you mean by dry eye? Whenever our eyes are not able to produce sufficient amount of tear or the damage created is getting evaporated very quickly, we suffer from dry eye. The production of tear is always required in enough quantity because it helps our eyes to work appropriately and even provides us… Read More »

Infographics: Useful Eye Care Tips for Holi

By | March 10, 2017

The Holi- festival of colors has been celebrated since time immemorial with natural colors from Natural blooming flowers and the herbs. The fragrant natural colors also had therapeutic value and were beneficial for our skin and health. But over the years, natural colors have been replaced by synthetic ones. Regrettably, most of the Holi colors… Read More »

8 Simple Eye Exercises to Improve Vision

By | January 24, 2017

For the last decade or so there has been a substantial increase in the number of people who wear glasses and contact lenses. This can be due to two major reasons – increased usage of the computer at home and work and too much television watching. It is good news for all the eye specialists… Read More »

How to Choose the Best Eyeglasses for your Face Shape

By | April 19, 2016

The utmost significant characteristic of desiring frames of eyeglass is how would it portray and match the face. Try each and every pair of eyeglasses stocks displayed across the show room to discover and judge how each one appears on the face. Pinning down selected preferences to go forward with be able to bank quantum… Read More »

5 Habits for a Lifetime of Good Eye Health

By | April 16, 2016

Majority of the people are pretty aware of strong deeds essential to support elevated essence of life. Some of them do not appreciate these teachings that in addition to averting illness they also ensure top condition of very important organs like eyes The quality of life is intimately associated with the healthy way of seeing.… Read More »