4 Men’s Sunglasses Trends Set To Be Big Summer 2016

By | February 29, 2016

Sunglasses will never go out of style. A staple piece to anyone’s ensemble during all seasons, sunglasses basic function will always be necessary so long as we live on this Earth. Because they are a necessity to everyday life, sunglasses’ styles are constantly changing and evolving to match the latest fashion fads. Check out our predictions for men’s sunglasses trends this summer

  • Round Lens Aviators
    What guy doesn’t look good in some nice aviators? A timeless sunglasses design, round aviators are going to make an appearance for men’s eyewear this summer. Be sure to snatch a pair before they’re unavailable


  • Browlines
    Browline frames are a hot purchase so far in 2016. Updated with metal details, vibrant colors, and textures to match today’s fashion trends, these retro sunglasses shape are making a comeback

  • Wayfarers
    This summer, dual-tone acetate frames and keyhole accents are going to make wayfarers a basic staple for every man’s outfit. A timeless meets sporty design, wayfarers are flattering on almost any frame


  • Ray Bans
    Possibly the most classic style of sunglasses ever, Ray Bans will never not be a good summer eyeglass option. We challenge you to show us someone who doesn’t look sharp in Ray Bans. If you don’t already own a pair, go buy some now

    Stay ahead of the eyewear curve and go grab a pair of these hot and stylish sunglasses set to be the must-have items of summer 2016.

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