Alcon Focus Dailies

By | March 12, 2016

Contact Lenses were created from glass to drape up whole eye and got changed with disposability of design (daily, monthly), fabric and customized silicone-hydrogel lenses and developed into means of life.Maintenance of contact lenses, appropriate usage, taking away in the night demands comprehensive understanding and putting in to tender practice. Follow the ideal instruction handbook for skillfulhandling.Contact Lenses should be removed with sanitized, disinfected and dehydrated hands. Its exterior must be cautiously sealed & handled prior to usage. Avoid contact with sharp objects such as pencils with lens surface. There are demonstrated cleaning contact solutions obtained in the market.

Nowadays, each eye vision is precise with contact lenses. In spite of progress in spectacle lens technology and commencement of surgical techniques contact lenses endow with several rewards for vision refinement. Contact lenses are rationally priced.

  • Wear for superior vision
  • Focused view specifically in the field of driving and sports for wide vision
  • Avoid reflection
  • Frame doesn’t slip from the nose due to weightlessness
  • No fogging
  • No disruption for athletes
  • Go with everything
  • No blurred vision with zero precipitation


  • Can wear daily either for specific occasions or recreationally
  • Covers & protects whole cornea and provides improved vision than spectacles
  • It presents as a secured, valuable and harmless substitute to surgical treatment
  • Suits people of every age and is accurate for each eye sight
  • Health of eye and relief is granted with newest contact lenses

Alcon Focus Dailies
Novartis – one of the prime healthcare organizations on the global front has its eye care unit in ALCON CIBA VISION. It leads in furnishing eye care requirements of people across the world. Its progressive technology converts the way eye conditions are taken care of.Alcon Focus Dailies Contact Lenses that are classified as category of lenses intended to work with the normal sporadic outcome of the eye for paramount level of relief and familiarity of moist lens wear. Being one amongst the globally branded lens care product giants Alcon is admired for extraordinary, new and inventive eye care produce desired by many.Alcon lenses produced with the most recent expertise and lessen the eye contaminations. Blink Activated Moisture technology & Hydra Glyde Moisture Matrix being the participatory advance expertise extended help to Alcon producers in introducing throwaway contact lenses for every day that is ideal alternate for habitual usage.Dailies Aqua comfort plus contact lenses are clean and provide instantaneous relaxation when inserted in the eyes. Every blink moisturizes and refreshes throughout the day. No sanitization and clean up required with no accumulation of deposits.Usage of daily contact lenses can help avoid frequent cleaning and accumulation of Alcon variety. Focus Dailies Contact Lenses are just right for people with dynamic standard of living to conquer accumulation of irksome deposits in the eyes. Read & leverage the relevant information on contact lenses in this article.
Focus Dailies

Alcon Contact Lenses – Types
All types of refractive faults including myopia, astigmatism, hyperopia and presbyopia are corrected with the use of Alcon Contact Lenses. Appended are major three major types:

Freshlook Contact Lenses

    • Freshlook Color contact lenses are the significant variety of aesthetic lenses
    • They come in normal shades completely matching looks of every type
    • Worn for artistic use and rectification of vision

Fresh Look
Dailies Contact Lenses

  • Dailies contacts are foremost water grade lenses containing 80% water at the exterior and present faultless relief for eyes all through the day
  • Toric and multifocal lenses are other choices obtainable in Dailies

Air Optix Contact Lenses
Air Optix contact lenses come along with sophisticated plasma technology and offer improved moisture level supply to cornea and guarantee plain vision with wonderful reassurance

Alcon Focus Dailies – Top Features
Alcon Focus Dailies are the ideal option including first time users without the disturbance of normal preservation and provide great soothing and obvious vision
Appended are top features for effective usage:

Haloes and Glares
Alcon Contact Lenses are designed with light stream expertise that guarantees clear vision in faint conditions of light and reduces the consequences of haloes and glares effecting receptive eyes

Lens Material

  • Premium quality Nelfilcon “A” lens substance is used in making Alcon lenses
  • It provides a refreshed feeling in the eyes all through the day right from insertion

Blink Activated Moisture Technology

  • Every blink of the eye releases a moisturizing mix
  • This technology provides quick resolution for inclination of aridness
  • Surplus protein deposits are eliminated by this mix taking care of issues of vision and increases stimulating relief throughout the day

Vision and Distortion
Alcon contact lenses present unbelievable vision precision and negligible edge deformation with the usage of Light Stream Technology

Vision Correction
Vision disorders that hinder from having a clear view like cataract, retinal diseases, refractive errors, dried up eye infections, glaucoma, macular degeneration, ocular allergies, eye inflammation and other issues are treated by Alcon contact lenses

Color Technology
Alcon contact lenses that have exclusive three in one color technology facilitates normal color to cornea in the eye and provides an elegant & fascinating look to the face

Lens Solution
Total set of contact lens care products including hydrogen peroxide solutions to sanitize, wash and offer spotless contact lenses. Supplementary relief all through the day is provided by rewetting drops and protein deposits from lenses are taken out with protein remover

Alcon Focus Dailies contact lenses are obtainable online on Lenspick portal from reasonably priced range. It presents colossal array of elite Alcon products online in India. Locate contact lenses of individual selection and benefit from smart discounts for premium contact lenses

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