How to Choose Spectacle Frames for Square Faces

By | February 13, 2015

If you have been ever diagnosed with nearsightedness or farsightedness, you would instantly remember the trouble of finding frames for your spectacles. Now the trouble does not lie in the fact that you will not be able to find a variety of spectacle frames. You will eventually see that there are loads of frames available but you find none of them appealing nor do they suit you.


It’s difficult really because the problem lies in the shape of your face or rather the solution to your frame problem lies in the shape of your face. Depending on the shape of your face, a frame will make you look handsome or it can also make you look horrible and unattractive. It all depends on the fact how you correctly guess the shape of your face and choose the right frame so that you can look good. You have try on different frames after you ascertain the shape of your face at the store until you come across one that you like very much. Choosing a frame is not that difficult if you just do a little bit of homework before going off to shop for frames.

How to Ascertain the Shape of your Face

This can be done in three ways :

  1. Either you can pull your hair back in front of the mirror and decide what shape your face is. Or,
  2. Look at the mirror and use an erasable pen to draw an outline of your face.
  3. If you are too lazy to do all this or cannot make sure what shape your face is, you can always ask your parents. They have got the right answers. Always!determineyourfaceshape-measure

    Square Face

Every other person has a differently shaped face. Yours might be oblong shaped and your partner might have a square shaped face. But while buying frames for your spectacles you have to makes sure that you look good in the frames you buy, because normally you would have to wear the spectacles all the time, your doctor has prescribed you to do so. Square faces are generally characterized by a strong deep and broad forehead, wide and strong horizontal jawline along with a square chin. Generally speaking people with such features have a proportionate face in terms of its length and breadth. But you have to keep in mind these architectural features so that the chosen frame can complement them at all times without fail.

Things to keep in mind

The golden rule to choosing the right frame is to remember that it will enhance your persona as well as your beauty.

  • Know the shape of your face, first things first. Do not proceed without doing this step.
  • The size of the frame should be directly proportional to the size of your face. If you have a small face you should go with smaller frames while if you have a large face you should automatically go for the larger frames. Otherwise a large frame on a small face will look like ill-fitting clothes. It is not uncommon to have a small square face or a large square face. As it is square faces have very proportionate dimensions, so finding the right sized specs frames for square faces will not pose much of a problem as compared to people who have other shaped faces.frame-for-square-shape
  • The shape of the frame is the most important factor that you should look forward too. Not only does it depend on the shape of your face but it should also complement your face. People who have square faces should consider wearing oval frames and round frames that are narrow in their width and hide the angled end of square faces by softening the angles.
  • If you choose something rectangular in spectacle frame shapes, you should go with ones that do not have sharp angular corners and have soft, rounded edges instead. You have to choose frames that will put importance on the shape of your brows and balance the sharp angle of your jawline. The frame that you choose should lengthen your nose and emphasize on your eyes.colour frames
  • You should avoid square frames because they will have the opposite effect on you. Never go for the frames that are of the same shape as your face. That is a fatal error in terms of choosing frames and will make you look ridiculous to say the least. Narrow rectangular frames will make you look like you have eyes that are permanently squinting. So try to avoid those. Go for thick dark frames so that they give an overpowering impression and draw people’s attention away from the flaws of your face. A number of famous personalities have used rounded frames on a square face which have later developed into a fashion statement.
  • Choose a frame colour that will complement the colour of your skin. Eye colour is important as well but it is a secondary issue. If you have hair of a different colour and wish to match your frame along with your hair colour then you can choose accordingly.

So, armed with these facts, you can now work out which spectacle frame will suit you the most and which frame you should avoid. Check out spectacle frames online, you might find the one you had been looking for all this while.

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