Infographics: Useful Eye Care Tips for Holi

By | March 10, 2017

The Holi- festival of colors has been celebrated since time immemorial with natural colors from Natural blooming flowers and the herbs. The fragrant natural colors also had therapeutic value and were beneficial for our skin and health.

But over the years, natural colors have been replaced by synthetic ones. Regrettably, most of the Holi colors sold these days contain many harmful chemicals. The black paste has lead oxide, green contains copper sulphate, red is mercury sulphite etc. On the contrary, synthetic chemical colors are being widely used which have an adverse effect on eyesight. By not taking care of your eyes while playing Holi, you could suffer from infection, temporary blindness and even irritation and/or aller
gies. Just make sure you play safe and do not cause harm to your eyesight. Due to unprotected and hazardous play on Holi, several cases of eye damage and sight loss are reported every year.

The best way to avoid them is to take the following eye safety measures:

  • Avoid synthetic colours
  • Use natural colours instead
  • Avoid wearing contact lenses
  • Do not throw water balloons
  • Protect your eyes by wearing sunglasses
  • Keep water guns away from the face
  • Advisable to apply thick layers of coconut oil around your eyes which allow you to remove the color with easily without any harm to the eyes.

View this infographic to have a quick idea how to keep your eyes safe during Holi


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