How to Choose the Best Eyeglasses for your Face Shape

By | April 19, 2016

The utmost significant characteristic of desiring frames of eyeglass is how would it portray and match the face.
Try each and every pair of eyeglasses stocks displayed across the show room to discover and judge how each one appears on the face. Pinning down selected preferences to go forward with be able to bank quantum of time and annoyance. It is purely required to conclude shape of the face & complexion and recognize the frame of eyeglass fashion and color that would suit the best to the face.

Eyeglass Frames matching Face Shapes
Judge 3 most important tips while deciding on the frame of eyeglass matching shape of the face as per the guidelines of Council of Vision

  • Eyewear ought to replicate individual special most excellent facet
  • The shape of the frame must have disparity with shape of the face
  • Size of the frame ought to be in balance with size of the face

Besides majority of the faces are a mixture of angles and shapes include 7 essential shapes of the face: oval, round, base-down triangle, oblong, base-up triangle, square and diamond.
Appended is supplementary narrative of face shapes and the finest matching frames for each one. An experienced optician knows how to lend a hand to exercise these guiding principles in selecting the preferred & novel eyeglasses.

Oval shaped face is measured to be the perfect form for the simple reason that it has impartial importance. Select the frame of eyeglass that are wider than the most extensive portion of the face to maintain normal balance of the oval face or frames that are walnut in shape and are not thin or too profound.



Triangle shaped faces have a incredibly broad peak and little base. Try out the frames that are broad at the base with extreme light material & colors and fashion frames such as rimless that display well-ventilated outcome due to the lenses are being purely fixed with some screws without any adjoining material of frame.

Oblong face is lengthier than its width and possesses a lengthy cheek line that is straight and few times with a nose that is long. Make an effort to try frames that are with higher depth compared to its width, attractive or divergent temples that append girth or condense the nose with a short viaduct to have oblong face become visible short and added sense of balance.

Square face encompasses with a physically powerful line of jaw and a large forehead. Additionally the length & width are in similar sizes. Attempt slender styles of frames that comprise extra breadth than deepness, and thin ovals to create a face in square shape appear stretched and to alleviate the angles.

Diamond formed faces are thin at the line of eye and line of jaw along with large cheekbones that may be elevated and spectacular. It makes the rarest shape of the face. Aim at frames that include features or unique lines of brow or frames that are rimless or elliptical and shape of eyes of the cats to emphasize on the eyes and make softer the cheekbones.

Round shaped face comprises of curled lines along with the length & width in identical dimensions and without angles. Endeavor bony thin frames of eyeglass to elongate the face, an apparent connection that expands the eyes, and frames that have less depth than the width like rectangular ones to construct a round face come out long & thin.

Triangle (Base-Down)
A triangular face with base-down comprises a slender forehead and broadens at the cheek and chin region. Seek frames that are profoundly inflectional with color and pointing on the summit partially or aim shape of eye of the cat.

Color Analysis
There are 3 types to analysis of color as per The Vision Council are

  • Entire population contain either warm (yellow-based) or cool (blue-based) color
  • ach one appears most excellent in her or his individual base of color
  • Color of eyewear ought to harmonize private complexion

The major reasons that decide the finest palette color are of hair, eyes and skin


  • Skin tenor is the key constituent in shaping complexion. Each and every skin texture drops into 1 of 2 bases of color — yellow (warm) or Blue (cool)
  • A cold skin tone includes pink or blue connotations, and temperate features have yellow shine or peaches and cream. Olive skin is measured unruffled for the reason that it is a combination of yellow and blue

Colors of eye typically are derivative components in formatting skin tone for the reason that of numerous dissimilarities of color of eye. For instance, eyes that are blue be able to array from a cold nearly violet to a light blue-gray that is tepid. Brown eyes know how to be different from a beam cider shadow (warm) throughout a medium-brown to a fresh nearly black

Colors of hair too are measured cool or warm. Platinum, Strawberry blond, white, blue-black, salt-and-pepper, auburn and ash brown are cool. Warm colored hair comprises brownish black, golden blond, dirty gray, brown-gold and carrot

Frame Colors for Eyeglasses
Frame colors for Eyeglasses that matches the most to an individual can be found upon decision of being cool or warm.

Warm color frames comprise of khaki, camel, copper, gold, peach, coral, orange, off-white, warm blue, blond tortoise and fire-engine red.

Cool color best eyeglass frames are silver, black, rose-brown, plum, blue-gray, jade, magenta, demi-amber (darker) tortoise and pink blue

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