What are the Best Ways to Clean Your Eyeglasses?

By | October 8, 2015

Eyeglasses are the frames bearing lenses that are worn in front of your eyes and are used specifically for vision correction. Whatever the eyewear, it doesn’t matter; adequate clean up impacts a lot for safeguarding them. See when you buy a new pair of prescription eyeglasses, you spend a lot of time, effort and money on finding your perfect pair that is blended with fashion and vision correction. So taking care of your investment is worth enough by cleaning your glasses on a regular basis. Usually, eyeglasses are more prone to build up of natural oils from your hands, face and eyelashes, developing a sticky layer of dirt and smudge. As a result, this condition tends to give you a blurry vision through the glasses. Proper clean and care is crucial to make your eyeglasses look perfect with no hassles. So, good eyeglasses cleaner helps you in doing your job in a better and complete way. Read this article to know the best ways to clean your glasses.cleaning_glasses_anti_fog_cloth

A Step By Step Guideline that shows you the Best Way to Clean Glasses

Cleaning your lenses and frames regularly can help you see crisp clear, keep your eyewear looking new and contribute to long-term durability. If you would like to prefer any eyeglasses cleaning cloth or a solution, you can choose the best quality eyeglasses cleaner to wipe them carefully without causing damage to the lenses. The following guidelines help you acquire a superior quality wearing experience as well as enhance the lifetime of your eyewear accessory.

1. Rinse Your Eyeglasses

Rinse your lenses under warm running water. This method helps to remove sandy or gritty debris that might be drawn across the lens surface during the cleaning time.

2. Put a Drop of Eyeglass Cleaning Solution

Clean your lenses by putting a drop of cleaning solution like dishwashing liquid or hand soap in order to remove facial oils that will smear on your lenses if not eliminated. Avoid using liquid detergents that contain lotion, bleach or high anti-bacterial solutions that may be too harmful to your lenses and may cause potential damage.eyeglass-cleaner

3. Rub the Cleanser for Better Cleaning

After putting a drop of liquid, rub it with your finger on both sides of lenses to create even lather for cleaning. Again rinse your eyeglasses under running water to wash off remaining soap residue.

4. Wash Other Glass Parts

Along with the lens cleaning, wash the glass frames and earpieces also to remove any unwanted dirt particles. In most cases you can observe the nose pads in your eyeglasses tend to accumulate grime and dirt over a period. In order to clean off this accumulated debris, you can use a soft bristled toothbrush quickly. Don’t focus your cleaning with a brush on lenses, as they may cause scratches and may cause harm to your vision.

5. Use Eyeglasses Cleaning Cloth

You can wipe off the excess water with a soft and clean cotton cloth, which is lint-free as they trap dirt over time, and they need to be hand-washed or replaced regularly. Wipe one lens at a time following side to side or circular motions by applying a mild and even pressure. It’s better to prefer microfiber cleaning cloth rather than fabric softener or other additives. Now you’re ready to wear the eyeglasses. Check for further remaining smudges or dirt particles that have to be removed.

6. Follow Proper Storage and Maintenance

Always store your eyeglasses in a safe and protective case provided by your optician. Never leave your glasses in an unsafe place that may cause damage or breakage. Proper maintenance is required to keep your eyeglasses in good condition. Clean your eyeglasses at night before you go for sleeping. This is the right time for you to clean because you can leave them untouched and start your new day with a fresh and clean set of eyeglasses.  If you want to keep your eyeglasses fitting properly, then adjust them by seeking the help of your optician periodically.


Things to Remember for Securing Clean Eyeglasses

  • Always use clean and high-quality microfiber cloth to wipe your lenses.
  • Eyeglasses with a special coating like anti-glare or UV protection on the lenses could be harmed or wear off quickly if you use hard soaps or ammonia based washing liquids.
  • Never dry your glasses with a facial tissue, napkin, toilet paper or paper towel, as these items are made from rough wood pulp; there is a chance for formation of scratches on your lenses.
  • Maintain smooth handling while cleaning the eyeglasses.

Overall, with proper cleaning and special care, eyeglasses should last for several years that stand as the best part of your accessory collections. Just spending a few minutes of time in your busy schedule each day to clean and examine them will be quite worth the effort to prolong the lifespan of your glasses. Always prefer the best-branded eyeglasses online and follow these step by step tips to protect your eyeglasses from all situations.

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