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By | February 26, 2015

All the Bausch and Lomb contact lenses wearers are well aware of complete or multi-purpose contact lens solution. They are the most important element of your lens caring system because they help in keeping your contact lenses clean, prevent eye-infections and provide clear vision. Contact lenses wearers have to take extra care when it comes to the health of their eyes. Mishandling your contact lenses can lead to eye irritation or even fungal infections. To prevent all this, the lens should be cleansed with and also, stored in a lens solution.Contact lens solutions

With the help of multi-purpose lens solution, you can clean your contacts very easily unlike before when contact lenses had to be kept in soap solution before rinsing and stored all the night. With the contact lens solution available, now you can clean, rinse, disinfect and store your lenses at one go.

Tips to Cleanse Your Contact Lenses Properly

  • Wash your hands with soap before touching your contacts: Wash your hands with an antibacterial soap. Soaps containing oils or lotions form a layer on your hands, which may soil or cloud your lenses. Always dry your hands by using clean lint-free towel.
  • Use fresh contact lens solution every time: Do not use anything except lens cleaning solution to clean and disinfect your contact lenses. Tap water, saliva, rewetting drops or saline solution won’t serve the purpose at all.lenscare
  • Rub your contacts with your fingers and rinse them with fresh solution afterwards: Rubbing and rinsing is the best way to clean your contact lenses, even if the lens solution has ‘no-rub’ mentioned on its pack. Make sure your nails are cut short while handling your lenses otherwise they may chip or infect your contact lenses.
  • Never use water to clean your contact lens case: Water contains impurities and various microorganisms which can affect the lenses. Do not keep your lens case near toilet or in very humid conditions as it may allow germs and mildew to build up.

Top Lens Cleaning Solutions Available in Market

1.   Biotrue Lens Solution

Biotrue is said to be inspired by the biology of our eyes. It is developed by Bausch and Lomb and is a unique and innovative lens solution to provide complete care for soft contact lenses. It does not just fulfil the basic purpose of cleaning the lenses but also comes with three outstanding innovations:

  • Contains a lubricant which is naturally present in your eyes.
  • The pH of the solution matches with that of healthy tears.
  • Keeps the beneficial tear proteins active.Biotrue Lens Solution

Our eyes keep themselves clean, hydrated and healthy by internal natural systems. Biotrue true makes it easier to wear contact lenses on your eyes because it is formulated to actually work like your eyes. It thus provides health and comfort what your eyes deserve.

Biotrue lens solution contains a dual disinfection system in which there is pH matching to natural tears and proteins present in the tears, which clean and disinfect the eyes naturally. Proteins in their natural state are main germ fighters in the eyes, fighting all the germs and preventing microbial activities. But denatured proteins with damaged structure due to eternal stresses cannot perform these functions. Biotrue helps remove these denatured proteins.

2. Aquasoft Lens Solution

Aquasoft Lens Solution Fresh Multi-Purpose is an effective disinfecting solution for keeping your contact lenses clean. It comes with an easy rub formula. It costs Rs 340 which is very reasonable and this solution is value for money.Aquasoft Lens Solution It cleans, disinfects, stores lenses and removes protein from them. It is good for all the soft lenses.

3. ReNu Lens Solution

The term ‘fresh’ is added is added to this solution because it makes you feel as if you are wearing fresh pair of lenses every day. Renu lens solution rejuvenates your lenses and make them feel fresh. It cleans, disinfects and stores your contact lenses and also provide a cushion of comfort for them. It also removes protein build up from your lenses. Know these Features and Benefits of Renu Fresh multipurpose solution.renu solutions

  • Cleans, disinfects, rinses and stores your contact lenses gently.
  • Consists of Dymed Poloxamine a hydranate for clean, fresh and comfortable lenses.
  • Its pack and bottle are 100 percent recyclable.

Your eyes are very important so it is better not to experiment with just any brand. Not every solution is safe or compatible with your eyes. Always follow the proper process of cleaning and disinfecting of your lenses and visit your eye care professional regularly. Following these instructions will help you take care of your eyes properly.

4. Opti-Free Replenish Contact lens Solution

  • Opti-free replenish contact lens cleaning solution contains TearGlyde reconditioning system which works synergistically with the tears to create a moisture shield on the contact lenses which keeps them comfortable throughout the day.
  • It is an outstanding disinfecting solution which contains a powerful disinfectant system that kills all the microbes that cause eye infections.
  • It cleans the dirt and particles clung to your lenses by loosening them up.
  • Great option for all soft lenses.Types of Lens Solutions

There you go, if you follow the above tips for cleaning your contact lenses daily, for sure you will have a very smooth experience with your contact lenses. It’s time to invest in the right contact lens cleaning solution!

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  1. Julius Amberfield

    I really liked it when you suggested washing the hands first with antibacterial soap prior to handling the contact lenses because the bacteria can soil the contact lenses and damage my eyes. That was good to know because I am planning to get a pair of contact lenses next month for my blurry vision, and I am researching the things that I need to know. Considering that I work around dirt all day long since I love gardening, I think this tip will benefit me the most. Thank you!


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