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By | February 7, 2017

If you look for contact lenses, we recommend you the I connect Contact Lenses. They are one of the best choices on the market that will feel natural to your eyes. The price, safety and comfort are the best features in these I connect contact lens to buy. Now I connect lenses online also available. Here is all you need to know about the I connect Contact Lenses.


The advantages of the I connect Contact Lenses are many, but mostly, we can highlight that:

  • The lenses are very comfortable
  • Ease of use
  • Disposable
  • Best price
  • Buy Contacts online for best discounts

The combination of all these features makes them the best choice for young people.



The I connect Contact Lenses are comfortable because of the way they are built. As soft contact lenses, they don’t feel weird when you put them on. Their features include:

  • A high content of water to keep your eye hydrated.
  • They are thin and soft, making them comfortable to wear.
  • After a month, you must dispose them and wear a new pair to keep their softness.
  • The best price comes when you buy a 6-package option for half a year.

The best of the I connect Contact Lenses is their system that makes them so comfortable you even forget you are wearing them after some minutes. The materials make them merge with your eyes in a natural way. Now you can order I connect contact lenses online also.


The I connect Contact Lenses are made out of a polymer called Hilafilcon. It is a component that resists proteins, preventing that your body generates deposits on top of it. As a consequence, your clear eye contact glasses will last longer.

Besides the polymer, the other component is water, with 59%, which is a high amount that lets your eye be hydrated at all times. It also promotes oxygen flow, which is good for your eyes health. This is how the I connect Contact Lenses can be so comfortable.

Safety Measures

The safety measures for the I connect Contact Lenses are not different from other models. We have selected the most important steps to give them to you in the form of a question checklist.

  • For how long have you used your I connect contact Lenses? If the answer is one month or more, get rid of them and open a new package.
  • Have you washed your hands? If not, you must do it before you manipulate your contact lenses.
  • What kind of soap do you use for washing your hands? Remember to use neutral soap with no fragrances to avoid potential irritation.
  • Have you put on your makeup already? Stop if you are about to put on your makeup. First, put on your I connect Contact Lenses.
  • Do you have enough lens solution? Have plenty of lens solution every time you put on your contact lenses.
  • Is your I connect Contact Lenses with visible damage? If so, throw it away and open new lenses. If you use it torn, it can hurt your eyes.

By following our checklist, you will be safe at all times while using your I connect Contact Lenses. For more information about how to put your contact lenses on and off, read our following section.

How to put your I connect Contact Lenses on and off

Follow the next instructions to put your I connect Contact Lenses on:

  1. Wash your hands.
  2. Open the lens case.
  3. Take out the lens and put it in your palm.
  4. Put some lens solution. Three drops will do the job.
  5. Take the lens on your fingertip and check if it is in the right position. If so, it should look like a straight bowl with no curled edges.
  6. Open your eye, grabbing your eyelid with the hand that is free. Then, look up as you slide the eye lens inside your eye.
  7. Once the lens is inside, look down and blink until it fits your eye.
  8. Congratulations! You have placed your I connect Contact Lens correctly. Now you can repeat this process with your other eye.


If you put it on, taking it off is even easier. Just follow these steps:

  1. Wash your hands.
  2. Pull down the lens as you look up. Your lens should be now at the white part of your eye.
  3. Using two fingers snap your lens and take it out.
  4. Put it in the container and close the cap.


As you can see taking off your, I connect Contact Lenses is much easier than putting them on. As you do it, be careful and gentle to your eyes.

Never forget to follow all the recommendations under the safety measures section. They will help you prevent infections and irritation which can be very annoying.

Note: Those who are using I connect contact lenses are advised to wear Eyeglasses or Sunglassses like Fabula, Rayban, Oakley etc to help keep your contacts and eyes from drying out in breezy conditions.

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