Best Contact Lenses For Astigmatism – Air Optix For Astigmatism

By | January 28, 2017

Air Optix for Astigmatism provides you a stable vision and long lasting comfort. Containing silicone hydrogel’s pure properties, these lenses are manufactured using the TriComfort technology which ensures that the Air Optix lenses are moisturized and breathable and have resistance against uncomfortable deposits.

Stability of vision is a vital feature of toric lenses. Air Optix has developed a design which keeps the lens well-positioned in the eye. The use of PRECISION BALANCE 8/4 protects the position of the lens, using two different stability points. The lens then moves with the eye without rotating or moving inside the eye.


Alcon Air Optix lens come with a number of more benefits:

  • They are suitable to use for more than one month. You can use them daily and seven days a week for one month
  • They available for both short-sightedness and long-sightedness
  • The silicone hydrogel properties allow oxygen transmission
  • 33% of the water content provides high level of comfort
  • Visitant- making application simple and easy
  • These lenses are deposit resistant material which promotes long lasting comfort


The TriComfort technology for Astigmatism maintains oxygen transmission and rich flow of moisture all across the lenses.

  • It has an ultra-smooth surface which is designed to resist the deposits
  • They are disposable but can be used for a month
  • Medically approved for the comfort of astigmatic patients
  • The lenses have a patented surface which easily handles the deposits and prevents it from causing discomfort
  • They are available in a variety of colors


Lens Material

Air Optix for Astigmatism are made up of lotrafilcon B, containing 33% water. It has a patent smooth surface to ensure comfort and stability.

Air Optix lenses designed by Alcon commit to a slightly different form of comfort and quality. The performance rating of Air Optix is 4.2/5. Both of the brands are trusted for their quality and stability.

The aim of this brand is to ensure comfort. The wearer should wear the lens and forget about it without feeling itchy or teary.


Air Optix uses silicone hydrogen technology with PRECISION BALANCE 8/4. Where the silicone hydrogen technology enhances oxygen transmission, maintaining the moisture level and a natural feel, the PRECISION BALANCE 8/4 ensures the stability of the lens. This allows Alcon to top in terms of added comfort.


Usage and Availability

Air Optix are designed for all types of yes. It covers everything from monthly to weekly toric and multifocal lenses designed for the patients of astigmatism. All the products under its name are available in different outlets. Furthermore, these products can also be purchased online.

Safety Measures

It is important to keep the lens in the lens box from preventing blurriness. The lenses for astigmatism need two prescriptions and it is important for them to stay in place, stability is required for consistent, clear vision. Follow the prescription and use them as indicated. Avoid going near the fire when wearing lens.


Air Optix for Astigmatism are lenses designed for the best comfort of patients with astigmatism. Astigmatism is the defect in the lens of eye that is caused by a deviancy from the spherical curvature, causing the eye to form distorted images. It prevents the rays of light from meeting the common focus. For such patients clarity of the vision means everything.

Air Optix with the use of Silicon Hydrogel technology ensures highest level of comfort with perfect stability. Suitable for all types of sights, it is widely accepted as the most useful contact lens product. It contains the required amount of oxygen and moisture which leaves the wearer with a natural feel. As compared to the other products, it has more versatile features and is definitely the more recommended one.

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