Different Types of Coloured Contact Lenses for Great Look

By | February 25, 2015

If you want a significant change in your look whether subtly or dramatically, go for colored contact lenses. They not only change the color of your eyes but also enhance and highlight them to give you the right look. Contact lenses can be worn by anyone and anywhere, whether at work, any casual event or to a party or Halloween kind of occasions. You just have to choose the right color for right occasion and you can simply rock!color-lenses

Colored contact lenses are available in prescription as well as Plano form. Let’s discuss both these forms:

  • Prescription color contacts: They are made to correct your myopia or near-sightedness, hyperopia or farsightedness, astigmatism etc. They not only correct your vision but enhance your looks as well.
  • Plano color contacts: They are not meant for vision correction and are purely worn for cosmetic purposes. They just change your eye color and in turn, your looks.

Colored contact lenses from good brands look more natural if worn on eyes as they mimic the colored part of the eye, called as iris. They feature various lines, dots and shapes similar to what iris is made up of thus making them look more natural on your eyes. The centre part of the eye, called pupil is left clear so that you can see clearly. Colored contact lenses prices are usually costlier than regular ones, but it is worth it if you consider its ability to change your eye color completely.

Types of Colored Lenses

There are various contact lenses types available in market which are able to change your eye color. They are discussed below:

  • Enhancement Tint Lenses: This type of contact lenses are designed to enhance but not completely change the color of your eyes. These lenses are worn just to highlight the natural color of your eye. These tinted lenses work well for people who have lighter eyes, whereas not so well with those having dark eyes.colored contact lenses
  • Color Tint Lenses: These type of lenses completely change your eye color, whether you have light eyes or dark.
  • Theatrical lenses: These lenses are made for special purposes to give you special effect. They are worn on occasions like Halloween and other similar ones.
  • Handling Tint: These type of contact lenses do not change or enhance your eye color. They are tinted to make them visible so that you can handle them well.

Choosing the Right Pair for Yourself

The color of the contact lenses you decide to choose depends upon how often you are going to wear them. If you want to wear them on daily basis, you would like to prefer natural colors. If you just want to wear the contact lenses on special occasions, you may want bold colors like blue contact lenses to get a dramatic look. Try consult your eye care professional and go through product description to get the right colored lenses for your eyes. The color of the contact lenses you are wearing largely depends on whether you have dark or light eyes.

1. Colored contact lenses for light eyes: If you wish to change your looks in a subtle way, go for enhancement tint colored lenses that will enrich your natural eye color. If you want a different eye color but still look natural, you can go for grey or green colored contact lenses, especially if you have blue eyes naturally.

If you want a more dramatic look which gets noticed immediately, choose colours like suppose someone has light eyes, fair complexion with blue-red undertones then he/she can choose light brown colored contact lenses.Colored Contact Lenses for Celebrities

2.Colored contact lenses for dark eyes: Opaque colored contact lenses are best suited for dark eyes. If you have dark eyes then go for hazel or honey brown colored lenses to get a natural look. For more dramatic look, you can opt for more vivid colors like blue, violet or green. Consider your skin tone as well, while choosing the color of your lenses. Bright colored lenses on dark skin tone and dark eyes will definitely make you stand out from crowd.

Custom Tinted Contact Lenses

Some contact lens manufacturing brands specialize in making custom colored tints for prescription as well as non-prescription contact lenses. Custom colored lenses are created from a variety of colors having different densities. Custom tinted contact lenses are translucent which give natural look to those wearing them. These lenses not only enhance your look but also help hide various eye defects, diseases or injuries. They are not just for cosmetic uses but also perform various other purposes. Nowadays professional athletes wear them to increase their visual performance.Contact Lenses for Sports

“Sport Tint” contact lenses are becoming popular among sports persons these days as they reduce glare, enhance contrast sensitivity and heighten depth perception. For eg, if a tennis player wears a green tint contacts, he/she would be able to see the ball more clearly in the court.


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