• What is the URL of your website?


  • Do you have all products available online?

    Yes…we have about 3000 products.

  • What is the process to follow to buy online?

    Click on the product…leads you to product description page. Click on buy now…will lead you to Payment page….click on pay now will lead to card details page and click on pay will ensure payment done and leads tp check out page.

  • What happens when clicked on a product?

    Will take you to a product description page for detailed info of the product selected.

  • How can the matching of frame be done online on the virtual mirror?

    You can upload the photo and try on various frames of choice to match.

  • How to upload the photo in to virtual mirror?

    Click on upload photo and save an online picture or use the camera in your system / laptop and click on upload.

  • What are the brands available?

    All global renowned brands including Ray-Ban, Oakley, Foreignheit etc…

  • Do you have Ray-Ban foldable glasses?

    Not in stock now…can be procured on order.

  • Is there any number that I can call?

    040 - 66770701

  • Do you have a toll free number to call?

    1 800 - LENSPICK

  • Is there any discount?

    Yes we offer on specific items.

  • How much discount offered on lenses & children eyewear?

    3% on lenses and 10% on Children eyewear.

  • Can I make the payment through card?

    Yes…All credit & debit cards are accepted.

  • Does AMEX card work for payment?

    Not at this moment.

  • Do you have Paytm mode of payment online?

    Yes…we do have it.

  • How do you deliver the online purchased items?

    Through courier – Blue Dart , Fedex, GoJavaas & Indian Postal Service.

  • What is warranty period?

    As per the manufacturer’s guidance.

  • What is the guarantee that ordered product is only delivered?

    100% assurance from the company.

  • How do you assure safety of ordered product?

    It is firmly packed with bubble wrap and sealed in Lenspick covers.

  • Is there any transit insurance coverage on the opted products?

    Not at this moment.

  • What logistic arrangements are in place?

    Courier, Indian Postal Service & Ecommerce.

  • What is the mode of delivery?

    Home delivery at customer door step.

  • How many days will it take for delivery?

    Anywhere between 48 – 96 hours depends upon the location.

  • What if the committed delivery date is missed?

    Will follow up thoroughly with relevant logistic company for prompt delivery.

  • What is the return policy?

    We will buy back with no questions asked and discounted for next purchase.