About us

Revolutionising the Indian eyewear design market!

How it started?

The very thought of having online portal of Eyewear products has evolved through widespread market exploration done by the Founder & Managing Director – Dileep C. Byra in the USA and UK and sprouted in to the origin of Lenspick.com given the potential and opportunity on a National & International arena to leverage and serve the customers at their door step.

The promoters encompass extensive domain expertise, technical acquaintance and thorough understanding of dynamics of the eyewear industry. The core team has commendable proficiency and understands market as forward integrator.

LensPick.com is the fastest growing exclusive online eyewear portal and an Internet Company operating from Hyderabad & Bangalore. The essential purpose of launching LensPick is to make presence in the online business and present the premier quality optical products at cost effective prices and selling of wide-ranging collection of eyewear range.

Behind the concept!

  • Dileep C. ByraManaging Director & CEO

    Over 20 years of experience as CEO in Software & Infrastructure companies.
    MD - Value Pharma group

  • Dr. Pavani ByraPresident

    Seasoned Doctor in Pediatrics and Diabetologist, Entrepreneur, runs a poly clinic

  • Gopinath ThotaDirector

    Dental Surgeon & Entrepreneur, UK

  • Darshan K. Kulkarni COO

    Over 24 years experience. USA Returned and Lead many Software companies as CEO & COO in India

  • Betrand Yella (IT Advisor) On Advisory Board

    Seasoned Entrepreneur and founded companies that focus on Supply Chain strategy, Network strategy, Opportunity assessment and Operations Planning. Currently heads IBEE Solutions

How it works!

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    Step 1

    Our uniqueness is strengthened with profound domain expertise backed by the latest technology trends with commendable expertise in both online and offline

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    Step 2

    Our products include extensive stylish color range and are way ahead of global fashion trends from top brands in the National and global arena catering to diversified segment of clientele and people of all ages.

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    Step 3

    We have own trendy labels in the name of Fabula, AB & Value Plus with style, excellence and supreme designs together with reassurance and affordability.

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    Step 4

    Our exceptional Virtual Mirror Image technology facilitates the most valued customers with feel & suitability of frames online by uploading individual photos for habitual face and pupil recognition in real time. Its detection characteristic ensures glasses are placed accurately on the face.

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    Step 5

    “Second Pair” is always a necessity in eyewear that we are Complementing. Sunglasses with Power is our specialty.

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    Step 6

    Our State of the Art Lens processing centers are currently operational in Hyderabad and Bangalore. We have standardized multiple quality check points during lens processing and lenses are thoroughly tested and kept for delivery post clearance at every level.

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    Step 7

    We have launched Home Eye Testing serving customers in Hyderabad & Bangalore at their door step. The objective is to provide eye testing & selling our trendy and cost efficient products at Home and helping a hassle free life.

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    Step 8

    Our logistics arrangement covers & connects nook and corner of the country and provides fastest service level at their door. Specialty of our team in EMERGENCY and demonstrated repute is to deliver by EOD

We Care & We Help

Overall 10,000 poor and needy benifitted from our regular eye camps conducted around south India in last 6 months.

Strategic Partners

Some of the finest brands in eyewear partnered with us to reach our customerbase.