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Venkart ECom Private Limited a company incorporated with Registrar of Companies (hereinafter referred to as ‘Company’). It identifies a registered user and thinks about how information is made use of and shared. We are pleased about the trust you bestowed upon us that we will act wisely. We ensure to be in charge of individual personal information. Nonetheless May not visit and use our website with no information on who you are or enlightening the essential information in relation to self. To the Company, the for the most part significant asset is our association with the user. We are devoted to uphold the privacy, reliability and security of any private information concerning the user of our website. We are pompous of practice of confidentiality and might of the safety of our website and wish that you recognize how the information is safeguarded and utilized to present the services. This notice depicts our privacy policy. By visiting our website, the user is accepting the confidentiality expressed in this Privacy Policy.

1.1 Information provided

We accept all the individual information come into on our website or furnished in any additional way is accumulated on the Company’s protected servers. Individual information signifies and comprises name, address, mobile and landline phone numbers, email, DOB, gender, eye prescription, website, user ID, password, gift message and leaves out any Credit Card, Debit Card or Net-Banking details that are accumulated on the Company’s sheltered servers and on your workstation.

The user is at liberty not to make available definite information and may not enjoy benefits of most of the features in our website. This information is utilized with the intention to act in response to business communication, needs, customization and communication and unveil with no discrimination of any of the additional privileges in your purview and the Company in its exclusive prudence deems essential for its business rationale or else. When specific information is updated information we habitually maintain a copy of the previous edition for future reference & records.

1.2 Mechanical Information

We obtain and stock up assured information at any time when the user interacts with us. Our servers log the actions for a variety of analytic and investigative purpose. IP address of the device from where the information is accessed for service no extra individual information retained in logs by the Company.

1.3 Communication through E-mail

To assist us create e-mails handy and fascinating, we may appeal to collect authentication when releasing e-mail from your computer that chains such potential.

1.4 Distribution of information

The user can permit when we can utilize, distribute or process their transactions and reveal customer information with respect to dispensing of such dealings with that trade as required to complete the order.

1.5 Company Transfers

As we carry on expanding our company, may be attained entirely or combine by means of new company. In this connection, client information normally transmits its business belongings. We make sure the safety of information as per rule and guiding principles. We also obtain user permission and authorization for revelation and transmitting information to third party people.

1.6 Protection of the Company and Others

We make public description and supplementary individual information while we consider discharge of fitting to abide by law; to impose or be relevant to our agreements and other Terms and Conditions, defend or safety of Company property & the rights of our users or other people. It comprises swap over of information with new companies and businesses for protection from deceit and supplementary related material. The users here explicitly permit and award authorization to exposé and transfer information to these third parties as deemed necessary.


We put our effort to safeguard and protect user information whilst transition by utilizing SSL (Secured Sockets Layer) software where the user credit card & net banking information are entered in the encrypted form. Our Security & Privacy policies are regularly evaluated and acclimatized as essential to deal with new issues. Individual information is not sold for any reason to anyone at any given point of time other than and unless 1). There is a valid legal request by government agency or police, 2). User permission provided and 3). Used for few arithmetical or demonstration with no individual data exposure.

The collected information is stored in the Company’s systems & servers that are safe guarded. The Company preserves its proprietary & exclusive protected and sensible procedures & practices of security. This practice of Security engages limitation of access to particular personnel on specific need, protection of passwords and security procedures with encrypted & Physical to safe guard next to unauthorized access to the systems & servers.

The Company’s Security Practice shields alongside unlawful right of entry or modification, revelation or obliteration of the information. It controls technical, operational, physical and managerial procedures of security power which are proportionate with assets of information being secluded and with the business environment. The user agrees and acknowledges that the Security procedures and practice are sensible and intended to guard the information provided by the user.

We disclose details of user account as may be deemed to allow us to right of entry and offer requisite services connecting to user accounts.

We construct each attempt to permit the user to preserve the secrecy of individual characteristics and is liberated to decide email address, Login ID and password that maintains private individuality unidentified. Access to user registration Information and private financial data is severely limited to our employees and contractors of the Company, severely on a requirement basis to function, build up or progress the Service. These workforce or service providers might be subject to regulation, counting extinction and illegal trial, if they be unsuccessful to assemble these responsibilities.

With the exemption of a Login ID in an email id, which could be given on an unidentified source, and the user’s third party account Information that is essential to present the services, the Company doesn’t necessitate some information from the user that may represent individually exclusive information.

It is imperative for the user to guard alongside unlawful right to use the password and system. It is necessary to sign off when completed using a common system.

As illustrated in the Agreement and with the user approval the Company will unite automatically to user’s online bank credit card and further financial accounts to execute the order.

Company will as well employ additional third parties similar to courier companies to transport goods that the user orders on our website to be delivered to user’s address.


Please carry out reading complete terms and conditions of the Company on the website www.lesnpick.com . If the user visits our website and any disagreement in excess of confidentiality is subject to the agreement together with restrictions on indemnity, adjudication of dispute and request of the law of the Republic of India. If the user has some apprehension in relation to confidentiality at our website, please mail us a detailed report to [email protected] and we will undertake to find resolution to it.

Our trade changes continuously. This notice and Terms & Conditions of Website usage possibly will also vary and utilization of information that we collect is focused on the Privacy Policy in significance at the time of usage. We might e-mail intermittent reminders of notices and conditions, except the user has inculcated not to. The user must ensure to visit our website often to perceive current modifications.


The Company makes available support to the user for any questions or concerns with respect to the policy of Security and Privacy. Please get in touch with Mr. Dileep C. Byra at [email protected].


Below table records cookies assembled and information stored in.

CARTConnection with shopping cart
CATEGORY_INFOContains type of info that permits to exhibit pages swiftly
COMPAREThe items in the evaluate goods catalog
CURRENCYFavored currency
CUSTOMEREncrypted description of customer id
CUSTOMER_AUTHA pointer indicating current log in
CUSTOMER_INFOEncrypted customer cluster you
CUSTOMER_SEGMENT_IDSConsists of Customer Segment ID
EXTERNAL_NO_CACHEA standard specifying status of Cache
FRONT ENDPermits guest to correct self orders
GUEST-VIEWLast cluster visited
LAST_PRODUCTmost latest item viewed
NEW MESSAGESignifies a fresh message
NO_CACHESpecifies not permitted to exercise cache
PERSISTENT_SHOPPING_CARTA connection to information to the cart and presentation of past records requested on the website
POLLThe ID of polls lately nominated in
POLLNInformation on polls designated
STFInformation on items emailed to associates
STOREThe store sight preferred
USER_ALLOWED_SAVE_COOKIEDenotes customer permitted to exploit cookies
VIEWED_PRODUCT_IDSGoods just sighted
WISH LISTEncrypted list of items supplementary to wish list
WISH LIST_CNTNumber of goods in wish list