We Help the Needy

Join the revolution of helping the poor and needy

India has total child population of about 35 to 40 crores of which includes 47% underfed, 25 - 30 % uneducated, millions of street children, orphans, child laborers and many handicapped (physical or mental). Statistics are alarmingly high. They articulate & necessitate support. We have established CHIN to extend support to those children who are in genuine need.

Child in Need - CHIN

CHIN is an NGO established in the year 2004-05 with a vision to extend helping hand in all aspects of children needs. We wish & strive to bridge the needy with those who can lend helping hand, formulate CHIN to be accessible for Children in Need.

Primarily our actions were focused only to a personal level by conducting pediatric health camps and supporting some of the children financially for education. In the process we noticed umpteen numbers of people have doorstep to act in response to the needed children with no suitable platform and we created CHIN.

The activities of CHIN are entirely restricted to children who are in need of good wellbeing and education - basic needs of every child and CHIN facilitates that. Activities are intended for below groups of children for proper health and education:

  • Emaciated and unacquainted of suitable nourishment, sanitation and forged viewpoints along with low economic status
  • Orphans or street children with insecure feeling, improper direction, poignant support and spinning their precious lives into dejected stories
  • Child laborers whose happiness and blooming thoughts are concealed
  • Handicapped to be cultivated and supported with humanity and comfort in the society
  • For detailed info we encourage you to visit www.chin.co.in

CHIN organizes following programs:

  • Health Camps on
    • Education
    • Consultation
  • Adopt a child's need for
    • Definite period between 1 to 18 years
    • Better living, education or both
  • Educational
    • Scholarships
    • Colony School Teachers
  • Motivation Camps for
    • Child laborers
    • Street children and orphans
  • Equipment Donation for handicapped children
  • Physiotherapy and speech therapy clinics
  • Orphanage Home
  • School at Orphanage home